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Dr Pooja Rai

Dr Pooja Rai is the founder of Posture Clinic in Bangalore, Karnataka. Thanks to her 6 years of practice, she has yielded her several names like “The Exercise Dictionary” “Posture Doc“ and “Advocate of Exercises“.


Dr Pooja graduated from KLES INSTITUTE OF PHYSIOTHERAPY affiliated to RAJIV GANDHI UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCES, INDIA. After 3 years of practice, she enhanced her education by studying STOTT PILATES from TORONTO, CANADA. She is also pursuing her post graduate certification from AMERICAN POSTURE INSTITUTE to be the FIRST CERTIFIED POSTURE EXPERT IN INDIA.

During her practise, Dr Pooja understood that traditional correction of posture wasn’t enough to completely relive the pain suffered through prolonged bad posture. This is why she started merging PILATES into clinical practice. The aim was to help her patients understand the paramount importance of exercising in their life.

Pooja says “Exercise is as important as breathing”. She believes in treating the cause not just the symptom.

Being an IT hub, Bangalore has its fair share of people who walk with stooped and rounded shoulders, forward neck, headaches, muscle injuries, tremendous neck stiffness, low back aches and other aches and pains related to posture.

This was even observed among her family members. This is when Dr Pooja began her journey to uncover how to prevent such injuries and pains without medication but only exercises.

Her keen observations & detailed studies on the changing postures and sedentary lifestyle of this young community interested her in working towards prevention and treatment of the cause of their pains and discomfort which ultimately is POSTURE CORRECTION AND BODY AWARENESS.

Dr Pooja has accurate diagnosis skills. She advocates body awareness in her treatment sessions and elaborates each treatment and exercise and makes sure that the patient understands them and gets it right. This knowledge stays with the patient for the rest of their life, helping them avoid basic mistakes in doing complex exercises.

Her main aim is to prevent injuries and physical disabilities in people by educating them about their own body and the importance of right exercise to attain right posture. This is where she stands out.

Dr Pooja is also extremely friendly with her patients. She bears a naturally lovely personality and keeps her clinic environment very lively and enthusiastic. She goes an extra mile to make patients feel better. She has the knowledge, is honest, caring and intensely focused on patients wellness.

Her mission is to make each patient injury free, strengthen and improve the quality of health and fitness where everyone can feel at their best both mentally and physically.

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