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Posture Analysis & Correction

You will need posture correction if –

  • You find yourself constantly hunching your shoulders protectively whenever you meet new people or get stressed (and you hate how that looks!)
  • You can’t seem to stop yourself from stooping forward when you’re at your desk or on your phone and you know it’s affecting your neck
  • You can’t seem to sit comfortably no matter what “ergonomic” gear you buy to make things better.
  • You feel like you’ve been “shrinking” due to bad posture and you want to fix it.
  • You’re in frequent pain because of the way you sit or stand.
  • You’re suffering from anterior pelvic tilt or kyphosis.

Why you should correct your posture?

  • To relieve and solve back pain
  • To fix poor posture from bad habits and long periods at the computer
  • Learn how to truly heal foot pain
  • Resolve knee pain
  • Address imbalances in muscle strength and activation to prevent injuries and boost performance
  • Get rid of aching in the hips
  • Put an end to nerve pain in their arms and hands
  • Soothe burning, aching, and other kinds of pain in the shoulders and upper back
  • Increase mobility for sports and daily life
  • Improve flexibility and strength
  • Fine-tune movement form for athletic performance
  • Maintain physical health to enjoy physical vitality and independence for life!